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We are committed to being the best.

Higher Standards At Every Level

Barrow Systems provides Refrigeration Systems that are easily understood and maintainable. Complete system documentation, diagnostics, training, and manuals provide the information necessary to allow maintenance personnel to employ traditional, basic troubleshooting techniques. This minimizes downtime and helps the maintenance staff to operate and maintain the refrigeration system.

Quality Driven

With over 40  years of service in the refrigeration industry, we’ve provided high quality designs, problem solving services and efficient automatic industrial control systems.

Customer Focused

At Barrow Systems, we are customer oriented. We can provide the best personalized service, a fair price and our word. We are dedicated to being the best by constantly striving to improve and perfect our work, while delivering superior service to each of our customers.


Our system designs have been tailored to support the food industry with emphasis on beverage, juice and water. Barrow Systems can offer you overall system design, overall system control, equipment specification and sales, consulting services on any area of the refrigeration process


We at Barrow Systems are dedicated to being the best by constantly striving to improve and perfect our work. This goal cannot be achieved through belief, but must evolve through an awareness of higher standards. It is our goal at Barrow Systems to achieve this distinction by setting higher standards after every level of achievement. When we stop trying to improve, we no longer strive to excel. We at Barrow Systems are committed to being “the Best.”


Our mission is to provide cutting edge systems that production and maintenance personnel find functional, reliable, and easy to operate. That maximizes production and efficiency. That reaches out to a broad range of customers and offers them a fresh feel, a new approach, something that touches the customer and lets them know that their needs are our priority.


While achieving substantial growth and expansion since our beginning in 1977, Barrow Systems, Inc. has developed many exceptional clients. This is due to the principles in which we believe–Quality, Competitiveness and Service.

Superior Customer Service

Service is more than responding to our customers. Service is engineering systems for in-plant maintenance. Service is designing systems with operational reliability. Service is providing accurate documentation and drawings. Service is treating the needs of our customers as though they were our own. SERVICE is only a phone call away

Unlocking your potential

We are committed to going the “extra mile” for our clients

At Barrow Systems, our staff’s unsurpassed dedication to quality design has earned us an excellent reputation in the beverage industry. This commitment ensures that our customers benefit from highly reliable and easily maintained systems.



Barrow Systems, Inc. has developed a patented system that monitors refrigerant pressure vessels and relief valve discharge piping for indications of an impending high-pressure condition and relief valve discharge events. An alarm indicates abnormal pressure prior to a high-pressure release in order to remedy the situation. We’re dedicated to Making Environmental Safety a Priority.




Since 1977, Barrows System has been an innovation based company focused on providing alternate and custom-made refrigeration systems  We specialize in engineering designs that cater to beverage providers, food distribution centers, and temperature-controlled storage spaces.



Ensure consistency in your temperature controlled system.



Establish a reliable system to maintain a safe working environment.



Seek the accurate guidance by collaborating with an expert in refrigeration.

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