Recommended Procedure On Changing Oil On Vilter Compressors

CAUTIONRemember to always use safe practices when working with ammonia by:

  • Wearing safety glasses, full face shield or both when working with ammonia.
  • Wearing special gloves when working with liquid ammonia.
  • Having and wearing breathing apparatus around higher concentrations of ammonia.
  • Using proper procedures when handling ammonia, having control of oil purge valve and purge hose.
  • Using normal electrical “lock out/tag out” procedures.
  • Using “lock out/tag out” procedures on all necessary ammonia service valves to safely service the compressor.
  • Using methods for properly handling ammonia containers and equipment.
  • Knowing location of safety showers, bubbler drinking fountains, water hoses, exits, and first-aid equipment.

A.)   Perform a normal oil change on the compressor.

  1. Open motor disconnect to disable compressor drive motor.
  2. Turn off crankcase heater.
  3. Close compressor suction valve, discharge valve and oil return valve to isolate compressor from refrigeration system pressures.
  4. Drain the oil into an acceptable container using the compressor ammonia pressure to help facilitate the oil draining process. Caution should be exercised during this procedure.
  5. Pump down the compressor to atmospheric pressure by dissipating the remaining ammonia into a bucket of cold water. Caution should be exercised during this procedure.
  6. Remove hand hole cover from compressor and dip out all remaining oil.
  7. Remove oil sump screen and clean screen.
  8. Wipe inside of compressor clean with “lint free” rags. Visually inspect inside of compressor for anything abnormal, i.e.  wear, pieces of metal in case, or water laying in bottom of compressor.
  9. Reinstall cleaned oil sump screen.
  10. Remove oil filter canister. Remove soiled filter cartridge from spool assembly and clean canister and spool assembly.
  11. Install new oil filter on spool assembly and insert assembly into canister.
  12. Reinstall oil filter canister.
  13. Reinstall hand hole cover with a new hand hole cover gasket.
  14. Close compressor crankcase oil drain valve.

Procedure for Changing Oil on Vilter Compressors – Continued

B.)   Check oil return float assembly for proper operation and make sure all oil is drained from oil separator

C.)   Charge compressor with new Camco 717 HT oil, either through oil pressure gauge port or through crankcase oil drain valve until oil level is approximately 5/8 full in sight glass.

NOTE:   Vilter Compressor crankcase and oil filter should require 7 gallons

D.)   Slowly open suction valve and check for oil and ammonia leak

E.)   Slowly open discharge valve and oil return line from oil separator

F.)   Turn crankcase heater on

G.)   Close motor disconnect to enable compressor drive motor

H.)   Run compressor, check oil pressure, check oil level in crankcase sight glass and recheck for leaks.



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