Foods Production Companies Install New Relief Valve Monitoring Systems


Relief Valve Wiring Installation

Two more Refrigerant Relief Valve Monitoring and Reporting Systems were brought online in December at a global Foods production company. Commissioning of the Refrigerant Relief Valve Monitoring and Reporting System went smoothly and as expected. The system mechanical and electrical installation was inspected and validated ensuring that the system components and wiring were installed correctly.

During the startup phase of the project, we validated each pressure vessel sensor and each relief valve sensor in the refrigeration system. We also validated the program functionality by simulating a relief valve release event on each pressure vessel and each relief valve. Additionally, we validated that each screen appears at the proper time and messages are correct along with validating the refrigerant loss calculations.

The Refrigerant Relief Valve Monitoring and Reporting System is real, viable and protecting our customers, their communities, and the environment.


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