Barrow Systems, Inc. was formed in April 1977. We are an innovation motivated organization. We supply Ammonia refrigeration system design and control services, as well as equipment, to primarily the soft drink manufacturing and food processing industries.

Our initial start up was directed at the soft drink industry, providing new ideas and concepts with regard to centralized refrigeration system piping and control design. Our efforts also encompass beverage preparation and carbonation, CO2 vaporizing and water heating through refrigerant waste heat recovery. Barrow Systems realizes that coordinated production upgrades are a special kind of challenge to the owner….we meet that challenge everyday.

As a production facility’s productivity requirements and production efficiencies increase, the facility will upgrade equipment and production rates to meet new production requirements. Refrigeration system equipment, piping and control revisions are generally included in this effort. In addition, with today’s high cost of energy and other utilities, exacting system controls are a must so that the refrigeration system can be a contributor to overall lower production costs.

When you have a need for refrigeration system design, control, equipment, parts, or service, we are prepared to act.

Bill & Pat Barrow, Founders of Barrow Systems, Inc


We are Barrow Systems, Inc. based In Sharpsburg, Georgia, about 30 miles Southwest of Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport in the “sweet spot” of Georgia’s urban living. Barrow Systems is a 40+ year old family owned and operated business that provides process refrigeration solutions to the commercial and industrial community on a national level, with some international ties.

We can and have cooled everything from Shaving Cream to Peanut Butter using appropriate refrigerants and equipment types. We’ve specialized in food, beverage and process chilling, and always with the attitude “It’s not interesting until there is a challenge.” Our designs and controls are application specific and feature a determination to know and understand the customer’s needs before applying a design philosophy. After all, Our Name is on the Product.

Over our history, we have applied for and received four United States Patents, the last of which was awarded in June of 2017 for our Refrigerant Relief Valve Monitoring and Reporting System (RRVMRS). Our vision, “Making Environmental Safety a Priority,” is a cornerstone of the RRVMRS because it was designed to enhance and promote Ammonia Safety. PREVENTION of an ammonia relief valve release is the ultimate goal of the system, however in the event of a release, the RRVMRS provides critical timing, location and loss data giving the operator factual and accurate reporting information when Regulatory compliance hangs in the balance.

Today, Barrow Systems Inc, rises to the challenges of technologies and the needs of the industry we serve. We never forget our roots and the lessons learned as we have moved from greenhorn to seasoned. We service our clients with knowledge, experience and a genuine love for the industries we serve. Barrow Systems……….Practiced, Reliable, Innovative.

Barrow Systems Is Born

Bill Barrow started in the soft drink refrigeration business in 1947. After nearly 30 years in the refrigeration business, Bill Barrow, along with his wife, Patricia, started Barrow Systems, Inc. in 1977 in Hollywood, Florida. In July of 1980, their son, William Barrow began his service to the industry under the guidance and training of his father.

Barrow Systems Moves To Its New Home

August of 1980 brought Barrow Systems, Inc. to Georgia where we currently operate today. Bill and Pat’s son, Michael Barrow began his trek into the industry in January of 1983. As business grew, another hand was needed with the ongoing day to day functions of the company. This brought along daughter Elizabeth in July of 1988. In 1995 Bill and Pat retired and William, Michael and Liz have carried on the business ethics, knowledge and traditions.

The Adoption Of Cutting Edge Technology

Since 1986, all of our refrigeration system mechanical and electrical drawings have been produced in AutoCAD. Today we can produce mechanical drawings with very good detail to aid the installation contractor in completing the system installation with a minimum of questions or confusion.

BSI has been contacted to assist different customers in preparing their Process Safety Management programs. While BSI does not prepare PSM programs, we do provide Process drawings, refrigerant charge quantitative analysis, on site safety inspections, etc.

Refrigeration Training

Barrow Systems has taught Basic Soft Drink Refrigeration System classes since the early 1990’s in many soft drink facilities across the U.S.A., Canada and Caribbean. In addition, we have taught courses on CO2 and CO2 handling systems. Barrow Systems has also developed and taught a course on Ammonia Safety Training for Soft Drink Production facilities.

A New Member To The Association

In 1997, David Byrd moved into our office building and started Atlanta Control Technologies (ACT). David has built our refrigeration controls systems and provided programming since 1982. David has a vast amount of experience in system integration control automation, including automotive conveying systems, different kinds of material handling systems and other types of control systems. David also has a panel fabrication shop where he builds panels for BSI and many other customers.

Barrow Systems Awarded 4th U.S. Patent

In June of 2017, our Refrigerant Relief Valve Monitoring and Reporting System (RRVMRS), was awarded a United States Patent. The RRVMRS provides critical timing, location and loss data giving the operator factual and accurate reporting information when Regulatory compliance hangs in the balance.

Company Principles

While achieving substantial growth and expansion since our beginning in 1977, Barrow Systems, Inc. has developed many exceptional clients. This is due to the principles in which we believe–Quality, Competitiveness and Service.

We use our experience to assure fairness to all parties involved. At Barrow Systems, competitiveness is not measured by price alone — we offer a fairly priced, value added, well designed, planned and supported system as our standard. This attitude has created a trust between Barrow Systems and our customers. We are committed to long-term business relationships which are fair to all parties. This attitude ensures that we address the needs of our customers and provide the best possible solutions. Our experience is the customer’s greatest asset.

Our Team

Our staff specializes in Refrigeration System Design and Control. We have over 40 years of service in the refrigeration industry providing clients with custom designs, problem solving services and efficient automatic industrial control systems.


William Barrow

Vice President


Mike Barrow

Vice President


Elizabeth Moore


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