Barrow Systems Service Offerings

At Barrow Systems, we offer our clients a wide variety of refrigeration service offerings beyond our patented Relief Valve Monitoring & Reporting System as detailed below. Contact our refrigeration experts today and experience the Barrow Systems difference!

Consulting For Emergency Repairs

Provide onsite assistance to insurance adjusters who need experienced Refrigeration System experts to evaluate damage as the result of natural disaster, fire or accident:

  • Evaluate System Infrastructure Integrity
  • Inspect each System Component for damage and potential refurbishment
  • Inspect Electrical Components, Controls, Motors, Starters, Control Systems and Electrical Enclosures, Conduits, and Wire Ways
  • Inspect Piping Infrastructure and determine Piping System Integrity
  • Check Refrigerant for moisture or other contaminants. Determine Refrigerant Inventory
  • Inspect Pressure Vessels for signs of damage or compromising of components
  • Develop report that itemizes and prioritizes needed repairs or replacements




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Refrigeration System Audits

Provide onsite inspection services:

  • Refrigerant Inventory and Operating Charge Analysis
  • Mechanical Safety Inspection
  • System Equipment and Piping Capacity Assessment
  • Control System Efficiency Assessment
  • Machinery Integrity
  • Piping Infrastructure including Pipe Condition, Sizing, and Configuration
  • System Upgrade Review to determine if system upgrades could improve Performance and Efficiency
  • Maintenance Audits, Methods and Protocols



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Provide Cost Saving and Efficiency improvements:

  • Refrigeration Automatic Control System upgrades, Automate the Cooling Process
  • Upgrade Controls to utilize system horsepower more efficiently
  • Tighter Suction and Discharge Control Pressures for better KW/Ton Performance
  • Review existing System machinery complement for improved efficiency opportunities
  • Review System Piping Infrastructure for better System Performance
  • Review Alternative Chilling and Cooling methodologies for improved system Performance, Reliability and potentially lower Operating Cost

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System Support

Provide Knowledgeable, Experienced and Practiced Support for many different processes:

  • Carbonated Beverage Specialist. Extensive experience in the Cooling, Blending, Carbonating and Filling of sparkling beverages.
  • Specializing in Direct Food Process Cooling. Direct On-Line cooling of products prior to packaging
  • Specialists in developing Alternative Refrigerant Systems for Cooling Direct to Process products
  • Develop High Side Heat Recovery. Determine potential available and recoverable Waste Heat and define recovery methods and use points
  • Refrigeration System Training:
    • Refrigeration Basics and Ammonia Safety Training to include onsite instructional classes and Plant Floor walkthrough of system
    • Includes training manual for each attendee and Certificate of Course Completion

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Equipment Controls & Parts

We have a front line working relationship with several major equipment manufacturers and suppliers:

  • Refrigeration Compressors – Reciprocating and Screw
  • Refrigeration Condensers – Forced Draft, Induced Draft
  • Cooling Towers – Closed Circuit, Open Circuit
  • Refrigerant Vessels and Pumps – Custom built pressure vessels to customer standards, refrigerant pumps
  • Refrigerant Valves and Controls – Flanged and Weld in place refrigeration hand and control valves
  • Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers – Both Refrigerant and Fluid type
  • Packaged Chilling Equipment – Screw and Centrifugal type, many sizes, many applications
  • Pumps and many specialty Service Valves – End Suction and Vertical In Line fluid pumps. Ball and specialty type service valves
  • Custom designed and built Control Panels and multiple service panels all built at our facility in Georgia



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